The Power of Monday

The way we approach the most dreaded day of the week will ultimately be the framework for how we succeed, or fail, in life.

Navigating life in the 21’s century can be somewhat of a struggle; constant stressors, stimuli fighting for our time and attention, and a plethora of “should do’s” losing the battle to “would rather do”. Flicking our thumb up on our social media feeds, clicking “next episode” towards our Netflix binge, or couch-locking ourselves with our dog(s) (or cat, if they’re into that sort of thing) have more or less become a cultural norm in an environment that loathes the thought of Monday inevitably rolling around again.

Evidently, counting down the days and living for the weekend can quickly become a weekly ritual for us. Studying international employee satisfaction since the late 1990’s, Gallup’s most recent poll gathered information from 230,000 (full-time & part-time) workers in 142 countries, and concluded only 13% of workers felt engaged by their jobs.

So how exactly do we navigate, let alone thrive in a world where that sentiment is the norm?  Fake it til’ you make it ?

To me the answer to that question is simple; mindset. 

To put it quite clear for you, I hate fridays. 

Work is something I genuinely love; the process of building something that has meaning is incredibly rewarding and the notion of having days of the week where that typically halts is something that isn’t fun for me. 

On the opposite token, I find it saddening how the majority of society operates under the opposite mentality- where Mondays are hell, solace is found in the snooze button, and work is a place of displeasure.

Without coming across as belittling or judgmental, I want to emphasize just how empathetic I am with you. There have been periods in my life where the only safe haven to what Monday-Friday offered were the 48- hours beginning Saturday morning. When we lack passion and purpose, its easy to fall victim.


“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

-Wayne W. Dyer


That said, short of hitting up Indeed or Monster for a career change, which may not be immediately plausible for many, I encourage you to operate with the framework that through critical refinement of your thoughts, a more positive change in mindset can begin to take root- and here’s how;

1. Momentum 

Whats an apparent truth for almost anyone on this earth? When you start something and see more of the desired outcome, you’re compelled to continue your efforts. 

We see and experience it all the time; watching your favourite athlete score followed by a continuous streak as though nothing can stop them, dialling into an assignment and completing it without interference,

The changes in our behaviour, cognition and physiology caused by a positive event or series of positive events ultimatley play a part in dictating our forthcoming actions. It starts with our rudimentary way of thinking and trickles down to any endeavour we set out to achieve. 

In my own practice, I attribute a profound transformation in leading a positive and successful day to awaking at 4:30am in efforts of completing my weightlifting session. Not only is it a major accomplishment to my day, the release of endorphins that stem from a positive training session leaves a lasting impression. Perhaps 4:30am or weightlifting isn’t in the cards for you right now, and that’s okay- find something productive that provides a sense of fulfillment and pride when achieved, similar to a check mark on the list of your day, and stick with it. Something as simple as reading before work, packing a lunch so as not to eat out, or even practicing mindfulness through yoga or breathing techniques. 

In contrast it’s simple to witness how starting our day late effortlessly breads negative momentum. What can follow through simply snoozing our alarm opens us up to potentially being stuck in traffic, late for work, buying lunch and so forth.

2. 1-Up The Enemy

What I mean by 1-upping your enemy is the impression that walking into the office with a positive mindset has on your colleagues- the enemy being complacency. 

You walk into work Monday morning and you’re a source of infectious energy, perhaps you even have a pep in your step- all a byproduct of positive momentum centred around starting your day with excellence.


“great.. its Monday again. Only 4 more days ’til the weekend.”

Which one do you want to be around? 

Additionally, which one do you want to be? 

3- Discipline… And Dominate. 

Theres no denying what a positive mindset can do, its witnessed far and wide from sport psychology to inpatient recovery. Showing up every day, especially on days you aren’t necessarily feeling it, stands to be an incredibly transformative way of dominating what’s widely recognized as the worst day of the week, and cultivates an environment of positive momentum that carries forth the rest of the week. 

So I leave you with this…. If you live for the weekend, someday you’ll realize that’s all you ever had. 

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