May 4, 2020

Happy best day of the week!

A concept that’s become clearer in recent days is the opportunity to recognize each moment as an window for mindfulness.  

Allowing a moment of stillness to set foot before advancing has been a grounding and liberating practice. 

Now let’s get to it; Here’s 1 Thought, 1 Quote, and 1 Question for the week…

1 Thought From Me

A strategy to conveying perspective:

Instead of trying to be right, assume you are wrong and try and be less wrong. 

Trying to be right has a tendency to defend your position and protect your beliefs.

While trying to be less wrong has a tendency to prompt greater humility and understand various perspectives

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1 Quote From Another

“It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out — it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.”

―Robert W. Service

1 Question For You

What qualities do you admire most in people ?

And do you exude that yourself ?

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Until next week.


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