April 20, 2020

Happy best day of the week!

What makes Monday the best day of the week? It’s simple.

New Beginnings.

It’s a fresh start to the week and full of opportunity. Lets set the tone for how the rest of the week unfolds and get after it with a positive mindset.

1 Thought From Me

Life is filled with illusions of possession, power, stature, and finite resources.

So few embark on the path of forfeiting that which does not serve their end mission. 

Instead, they interpret the sum of their parts to be the currency in which value is placed. 

And just maybe if we recognize this, we can free ourselves from slavery.

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1 Quote From Another

“And what do you need in order to become good? To wish it. But what better thing could you wish for than to break away from this slavery, – a slavery that oppresses us all, a slavery which even chattels of the lowest estate, born amid such degradation, strive in every possible way to strip off? In exchange for freedom they pay out the savings which they have scraped together by cheating their own bellies; shall you not be eager to attain liberty at any price, seeing that you claim it as your birthright? “

Seneca, Moral Letters, 80.4

1 Question For You

Who can you be if you learned to just let go? 


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Win the day and have an exceptional week! 

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