April 13, 2020

Happy best day of the week!

In the face of all the abnormality we’re experiencing, it’s easy to become complacent and move less. Take a few walks today, move your body a little more than you did yesterday. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s helped to some degree.

We may not be where we were prior, but we could be worse.
It’s your duty to prevent that worse every day. 

Now let’s get to it; Here’s 1 Thought, 1 Quote, and 1 Question for the week…

1 Thought From Me

Loss. Despair. Terror. Drama. 

Influences we’ve all been exposed to, no matter our efforts in avoiding them.

The difference between those who thrive in the face of life’s hardships lies not in their circumstance, but rather where their attention is directed.

Uninvited guests may appear on your doorstop, but you don’t have to ask them to stay for dinner.

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1 Quote From Another

If you see a man who is unterrified in the midst of dangers, untouched by desires, happy in adversity, peaceful amid the storm, who looks down upon men from a higher plane, and views the gods on a footing of equality, will not a feeling of reverence for him steal over you? Will you not say: “This quality is too great and too lofty to be regarded as resembling this petty body in which it dwells? A divine power has descended upon that man.”

Seneca, Moral Letters, 41.4

1 Question For You

How much harder is it to do the right thing when focusing on the bad?

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Win the day and have an exceptional week! 

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