March 23, 2020

Happy best day of the week!

What makes Monday the best day of the week? It’s simple.

New Beginnings.

It’s a fresh start to the week and full of opportunity. Lets set the tone for how the rest of the week unfolds and get after it with a positive mindset.

1 Thought From Me

Times like these separate the winners from the losers. 

Winners are busy juicing the lemons that fell from the sky.

Not seeking shelter to brace for impact.

The winners will use the opportunity to learn new skills, take advantage of falling markets, and double down on health. 

The losers will eat Cheetos, broadcast being sent home from work, & binge watch Netflix.

This is lemonade time.

1 Quote From Another

“Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

1 Question For You

What if we regarded it as an opportunity rather than a disaster?


Win the day and have an exceptional week! 

Until next time,


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