January 27, 2020

Happy best day of the week!

What makes Monday the best day of the week? It’s simple.

New Beginnings.

In honour of Kobe Bryants passing I leave you with an additional quote this week ringing true to legacy;

“It’s the one thing you can control. You are responsible for how people remember you—or don’t. So don’t take it lightly.”
– Kobe Bryant –

Now let’s get to it; Here’s 1 Thought, 1 Quote, and 1 Question for the week…

1 Thought From Me

Unconditional love cannot exist in the simultaneous presence of anger. The extent at which energy is fed to any given state is the extent at which it will exponentially manifest.

 Where focus goes energy flows.

1 Quote From Another

“If a person puts even one measure of effort into following rituals and the standards of righteousness, he will get back twice as much.”

– Xunzi

1 Question For You

What aspects of your character are present that conflict with the vision you have for yourself? 


Win the day and have an exceptional week! 

Until next time,


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