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Hello There

I’m David Wizman (Wize-man)

I’m an Investor, Weightlifter, Author, and associate in the Canadian Cannabis Industry 

Words that have often been used to describe me are; positive, disciplined,  forward thinking, and motivating- but ultimately, I’m just another person doing my best in my day to day life to stay true to my mission to improve lives.

I truly believe that living a life of service to others (regardless of what that looks like to you) is the most effective way of achieving fulfillment. That when our daily actions track towards the betterment of others, we position our inner selves in a way that is more attuned to positivity and love.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my mission with a growing audience and would love to have you join me on this journey of self reflection and discovery through my free newsletter and blog (below)

I’m by no means an expert or guru, and I don’t claim to have all the answers- growth and betterment are still daily practices for me, but I’m more than glad to connect and share what I’ve learned so far!